Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Face Masks For Travel

By Tanya Amini

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Face Masks For Travel

This excerpt was originally written by Dan Q. Dao of Forbes.

It’s clear that mask-wearing will be a norm of daily life for the foreseeable near future. According to the latest CDC guidelines, masks should be worn by everyone over the age of 2, and should cover both the nose and mouth. While the hospital-grade N95 masks should be conserved for medical staff on the front lines, a multi-layered cloth mask offers ample protection to you and those around you when combined with common-sense measures like social distancing and hand-washing.

Unsurprisingly, there are now more options than ever for masks as designers and retailers innovate with form, style, and functionality. These days, you can buy cloth masks in an array of colors and designs to complement an outfits or improve comfortability (if you wear glasses and they constantly fog up, I feel your pain). Masks have also gotten more stylish, with brands like Helmut Lang and Off-White putting out their own versions. And who could forget the infamous $961 Louis Vuitton face shield?

Regardless of who you are shopping for this holiday season, a mask can make for a functional and fashionable gift. From a comfy face coverings made of silk and mesh to custom-embroidered options and luxurious designer masks to finish off a chic vacation ensemble, here are the 14 best travel-friendly face masks to gift this year.


Kids Cloth Mask With Adjustable Ear Straps by Better Off Alone

Founded during the pandemic, Better Off Alone is a New York-based fashion brand selling thoughtfully-designed, ethically-sourced travel kits, jumpsuits, and protective masks in an array of designs including unicorns, popsicles, and flowers. Created with kids in mind, the masks come with ear straps come with plastic stoppers to ensure a snug fit. The mask use 100% biodegradable cotton fabric and come in a matching tote to eliminate the need for plastic packaging materials. $9.