The Company Behind Equinox Hotels’ Chic Uniforms Just Launched Antimicrobial Travel Gear

By Tanya Amini

The Company Behind Equinox Hotels’ Chic Uniforms Just Launched Antimicrobial Travel Gear

This article was written by Lyndsey Matthews of AFAR Magazine.

Ever notice the sleek suits worn by the staff at Equinox or Four Seasons Hotels? Envy the chic jackets on the waiters at New York’s Via Carota restaurant? Then you’ve admired the work of Lady and Butler, a uniform company that’s also designed outfits for the staff at the Museum of Ice Cream, SoHo House, and more.

Now Lady and Butler is bringing its stylish—and functional—designs to its latest venture, Better Off Alone, a line of reusable protective garments for everybody. After noticing the environmental impact of single-use masks and other protective wear, Tanya Amini and Eli Caner, of Lady and Butler, teamed up with Bonnie Poon, the CEO of Golden Times Group Limited. Poon oversees an ethical manufacturing supply chain in China that promotes sustainability by recycling its fabric and trim wastage and avoiding plastic based packaging, as well as social responsibility by providing a true living wage for its factory workers, while also hiring and housing family members together to avoid separating migrant workers from their children.

Launched December 1 online at, the new collection includes gender-neutral face masks, coats, and travel kits, as well as jumpsuits for both adults and children all made with 100 percent Egyptian cotton treated with nontoxic Silverplus antimicrobial technology, which is designed to block and reduce surface contamination of microorganisms. Because the gear is made with naturally biodegradable cotton, it’s machine washable and can be reused again and again.

In addition to functional details like adjustable ear loops and neck straps, the face masks also come in fun patterns, including popsicles, pink flowers, and unicorns riding rainbows.

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Many of those same patterns are also used in a line of jumpsuits for both adults and kids that are designed to be worn alone or over clothes. 

Many of the same patterns for kids are also available in adult sizes, too.

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While most of the collection—which also includes trench coats, hoodies, and a pair of track pants—is designed for everyday use, it also includes a kit of travel accessories that will give you peace of mind when you’re ready to get on an airplane or train again. In addition to a seat cover, the kit also includes a blanket (with a removable cover), a pillowcase, an eye mask, and a face mask.

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