Our Responsibility


We're Here to Help with Your Sustainability Journey

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton, finished with eco wash. This means biodegradable AND less chemicals. These fabrics are not sanforized, mercerized or bleached... leaving out many chemicals you don't want near or on your skin!
  • Once your BOA item has been fully loved and reused, cut off and dispose of any synthetic hardware (zippers, buttons, straps). Next, cut up your garment or mask into small pieces and put in the compost!
  • Unlike synthetic fibers that can take up to 200 years to decompose, our fabrics degrade in 1-5 months. 
  • Finally, we only use Fabric or recyclable paper packaging, eliminating the need for plastics!

Questions on how to best care for your BOA products:

Email us at hello@betteroffalonenewyork.com